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The brand was built from an idea in summer 2016 from our bedrooms. This would lead to what the brand is today. Myself and brother came up with this unique idea to try and be different from everyone else and find our own niche in the clothing market, somewhere that we seen space to grow and prosper. We believe that making a brand your own rather than following the sheep fore say, is the most exciting thing and being able to put your own plans into reality is so surreal. 

We launched the brand on New Year’s Day in 2017 after months of preparation, it was nervy but an exciting experience. We have made mistakes along the way, which we have learnt from, however without mistakes you will never better yourself. To anyone reading this that has an idea, but is worried what people will say or they will just start it at a later date as the saying goes. Go for it, like we did. Pursue a dream and make them reality.

Let me introduce ourselves, so we are two brothers, 21 and 24 with great ambition, a thriving relationship and a business built on trust. We are based in Blackpool in the North West of England. We own the brand 50/50 and that’s how we plan to keep it. Everything that happens or will happen with the brand is through ourselves! We are called Connor (24) and Curtis (21).


The name Zodiac never really came from anything, we get asked this a lot and we honestly don’t know the answer. We would love to give you a B/S story but we don’t have one, our brand has been built as a family and will remain that way. That would be the meaning behind our brand, the fact it is family ran and will always remain that way.

If we had to say about the name, we simply wanted something either at the start of the alphabet or the end. Then simultaneously we said Zodiac together, it was kind of meant to be I guess the fact we came up with the same word. We felt as if there was a lot of scope with the meaning of the word “Zodiac” and lots of ideas that we could bring to life with it.

To finish, since building the brand from nothing, we have met some amazing people and we hope this is just the beginning. We have so many ideas that we want to build and we can not wait to show you all!

Please stay tuned #ZodiacFamily 

Thanks for reading,

Connor & Curtis

Co-Founder’s to Zodiac Attire

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